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  • Version: 60.5.2

Firefox ESR — Stable Web Browsing

If you’re tired of Mozilla’s rapid releases, then Firefox ESR is the perfect browser application for you. This app is an Extended Support Release (ESR) based on an official release of Firefox. However, unlike the standard browser, Firefox ESR maintains its releases longer, with point releases containing updates on security that coincides with the regular Firefox releases. This means that users will less likely to find the new interface tweaks, assorted browser speeds and tab options that Mozilla has added to the standard browser. But, by doing so, Firefox ESR will be able to provide you with a more stable browser with fewer compatibility issue. This is quite helpful especially for businesses and organization, or anywhere else with a large number of users. With Firefox ESR, your business operation will no longer be interrupted due to browser update issues.


  • More Stable Browser
  • Clean and More Modern Interface
  • A Unified Address and Search Bar
  • Tab Page Includes Top Visited Sites and Recently Visited Pages


  • Not Advisable Home Users

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Firefox ESR


Firefox ESR 60.5.2 for PC

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